This FREE challenge will help an individual from within a business understand ethical activities, placing them into an environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

This framework supports social value reporting, maximising results in:

  • Bids/tenders
  • Award submissions
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee retention
  • Funding applications
  • Investment opportunities

We give everyone participating in this challenge, seven days to complete the 4hr learning, allowing them to fit it around their day-to-day role. 

We ask that everyone participating, has the support of their senior team, HR or line manager.

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The opportunity to watch, listen and download SAMPLES of our...


Examples of pre-recorded webinars with business leaders, topic specialists and individuals who's lives have been changed by responsible business.


Short recordings to help you reinforce your training on the go. (Download the Teachable app)

Extra Resources

Examples of additional documents, templates and tools to help you boost your businesses ethical activities and commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Manager approval to participate?

We want you to make the most of this free learning and to do that you must be supported to take the time to complete it.

How much time will this take?

The challenge will take 30 minutes to an hour to complete per day, over 3 days. You can work through your lessons in your own time over the 7 consecutive days we have given you access. We have also included Q&A recordings at the end of each day, which are between 10-30 mins long.

What if I don't complete the work in 7 days?

Enrol again!

Can someone else join me?

Absolutely! Just get them to register too.

I am a sole trader, will this work for me?

Yes! This challenge will help you to explore your current ethically activities (no matter how small you think they might be), understand the meaning behind them and boost the impact they have.

I am a start-up, will this work for me?

Absolutely! Although you might not have current ethical activities in place (yet), this will be a great way to get you thinking about what will work well for your business in each ESG area.

I am from the third-sector, will this help me?

If your organisation wants to focus on their own ethical activities to attract more donors, partnerships or employees, then yes, this will help. It will also give you an insight on how you might talk to corporate donors going forward, how can you fit into their ESG framework?

I also support businesses to consider ethical activities, how can you help me?

We love collaboration and have built a trusted partner programme, which will allow other businesses or consultants to offer their services to our students. Find out more HERE.